NEW! Camel Wagyu Fusion Burgers

Go beyond the ordinary – grab a mighty 300g camel wagyu fusion burger with piquant date mayonnaise. Let the Hurricane’s Grill experience take you on a taste adventure with our new hunger-busting fruits of the desert burger range. It’s not just about flipping burgers – the Hurricane’s Grill team bring their exceptional steakhouse traditions and skills together to create a burger where local flavor and culture combine to give you a true taste of Dubai. Our meaty full flavour 300g camel wagyu fusion burger offers a juicy, lightly caramelized and decadent indulgence for the more extravagant palate. Enjoy as a classic plain or classic cheese burger, or drenched with one of our creamy home-made sauces, or choose one of our deluxe blue cheese, caramelized truffle onion, or mushroom & mustard topping – or if you’re up for it, take on The Challenger, a mighty 600g beast topped with cheddar cheese, mushroom sauce and burger onions.